Solardome Vent by Airstream

Does your Vent look like this?
What to know how to install a replacement?
Your in the right place.

This vent cover was used two different ways.
It attached in the center, one lift arm on each side, like this.

Or with four lift arms that attaches in all four corners.

First of all you need to get on your unit.
Very important!!!!
Click on this link for a "How to" get on the roof.

Here is a way David Lowrey gets on his Airstream, which is a great way to do it.
However, if you do not have this type of ladder, then the above link
is the way you will have to do it .

Thanks Dave for sharing that with us.

eMail Dave

Once on top, you need to remove the old dome.

Then you need to put the foam tape in the dome.

If you have the dome that is attached on all four corners( 3rd picture from the top)
use the dome as a template. Drill one hole in the dome and put
one Rivet (1/8 by 3/4 included in kit) in each corner.
I like to put the rivets in the holes( one in each corner)then let someone
crank it down, to see how well it works. If it works good, pop the rivets,
then drill and pop the other four rivets.

If you have the" two lift arm style" ( 2nd Picture from the top)
you will need to find the center from front to back, on each side.

The other two holes where 3/4 of an Inch on the one we did for this "How to".
You might measure yours just to make sure.

Once you have all 6 holes drilled and the dome goes up and down ok,
pop the rivets. Check it one more time before you seal it.

For sealing, all you need to seal
is any place you have a rivet.

We like to use Dicor® lap sealant.
It sticks to the Solardome for a long time and is white,
just like the dome.
Click here for a link to Dicor® lap sealant in our on-Line store.

Click here for the Solardome KIT in our on-Line store.

Click here for this Solardome in our on-Line store.

Click here for this foam tape in our on-Line store.

Click here for this Rivet in our on-Line store.



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