Airstream Power Converter
Informational Page.

The purpose of this is to show you the the parts
that are available to replace your power converter if it goes out.

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Chances are, if you have a power converter that goes out in your Airstream
it will have a fuse panel built into the end of it, like in this picture shown below.

This type of converter in no longer available. However, there are a group of parts
that make for a nice work-a-round. And for the most part they are much better
if you have a fuse blow and need to replace one.

The two main parts are these two

Here is how these parts are installed.

It is a pretty easy install.
The wire needs to be 6 Gauge but you may find that pretty hard to put into the
Grounding bar on the fuse panel.
8 gauge could be used but it is not recommended to go any smaller.

Mounting the fuse panel where the fuses are easy to get to for replacement,
is highly recommended.

If you have ever gotten on your knees at the bottom of a small closet, to get to the converter that were under the tub, or behind the sofa inside of a metal box know what I mean.

Very important!
Take time to go to a hardware store and get the 110 box, plug, and plate. Do not cut the end the plug off and hard-wire the converter. This will void any warranty.


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Fuse Panel






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