Mid-70's Airstream Fuse Panel
Informational Page.

The purpose of this page is to show you the the parts
that are available to replace your fuse panel if you start losing connectivity on your fuses.
This fuse panel is located below the front window.

The problem comes from years of heating and cooling and the rivets/brads get loose.
Then when you go to rivet them back, the rivets want to short by way of the metal wall behind the panel. Here at the Out-of-Doors Mart we even tried to insolate the panel from the metal wall which gave it's own set of problems. The best thing we found was cutting the old panel where the yellow line is and
replacing all that with 3 of the small fuse blocks shown at the bottom of this page.

A is the small fuse panel that controls the running lights.

B is the inside lights .

C is a NO NO Tin foil to get connectivity.
You can have some big problems from this

D is the control to adjust the Amp meter.

The large yellow lines is where we have cut the panel and used
two (3 total) panels listed below to replace all the bad segments. We would take
the wires to the two fuses to the right of the yellow line and run the wires to the
new fuse blocks.

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