This is the Keeler Lock information page.

The Keeler Lock was used 1978-90

Below are 2 pictures of the a Keeler lock. One of them is broken
and the other is not. This outside door handle is where this
lock breaks more time than not.


Starts like this

No hope

There are not any repair parts Available for the lock. The fix is a repair kit
which comes from Airstream. This kit is a group of parts that allow you to have
what you need in a single purchase. It is the rivets, metal plates, strike plate, and the lock itself.

The lock in this kit is smaller than the Keeler Lock.
That is the reason for the two plates.
They will cover up the rest of the hole.

You start by taking the Keeler lock out
and holding the new lock up and eye-balling where it will go.
You trim small amounts until you get the lock into place. The metal
plates are a big help in seeing where it needs to go.
It is a pretty fair amount of work.

Below are pictures of what this Lock kit looks like once installed.

In this picture the installer did not use Olympic Rivets or the plate from this kit, but you get the idea.

The same thing here, they made their own plate.

Below is a picture of the plate with Measurements.
I have heard that this plate did not work on a motor home which had the same Keeler lock.
You might want to measure it and compare if you are replacing a lock on a motor home.


One day I was walking across the yard here at Out-of-Doors Mart
and saw where someone had repaired their Airstream with a
L-300 Motor Home lock. I thought it looked pretty good.
I liked the idea of not having all the rivets at such
a "high hand traffic area". A thin piece of flashing
was glued to the door with some type of Epoxy.

Below are pictures of how it looks installed




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