Airstream tail-light upgrade Page.
The purpose of this page is to show how to upgrade
the incandescent taillights to the new LED taillights.

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First of all, this is what the replacement light looks like. It has an easy "Bulb Socket Plug" that makes the job a breeze.

Also, the Led light, as you can see, has more that one light. This is a far better light because it hardly ever burns out because it is an LED, but if one of the lights do fail there are others still burning If the incandescent light fails, you have no light.


For starters unscrew the two screws holding the light lens on.


That will expose the light socket.


Then take out the incandescent bulb.


It is recommended to use some type of electrical grease. It helps improve conductivity, and protects against oxidation. You just squeeze a small amount onto your finger and rub that on to the Bulb Socket Plug, before it is put it into the light socket.


With the grease already on the Bulb Socket Plug, hold the light in one hand and the Bulb Socket Plug in the other and screw the Bulb Socket Plug into the light socket.


Then insert the light, into it's socket pushing the wires behind the light.


Then put the same two screws back in, to hold the light on. There is no sealer needed.



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