Airstream repair guide page.
The purpose of this page is to show how to replace
the skylight ( 381318 ) that are on Airstream's
from 2000 to present .

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Over time this skylight becomes brittle and leaks.

This is how we replaced the skylight.

First of all, we get the old one off. There are some screws underneath the sealer. We use a putty knife to carve, or push the sealer out of the way, so that we can get to the screws.

Once the old skylight is off this is what it looks like.

For sealing between the skylight and the frame of the unit, we like to use butyl tape.
This butyl tape in a role and this makes it easy to apply.

The butyl tape is applied like this.

Once it is on the frame it looks like this.


Then we carefully put the skylight over the opening and center it up.
We center it up from side to side, top to bottom

The next step is putting on the metal trim. In the picture below
you can see that it is one large piece.

Just set the metal trim over the outside of the dome and line up with
frame below.

The trim has pre-drilled holes.

Even though the metal trim has predrilled holes, we like to drill a hole all the way through. Using the metal trim as a templet, go through the (metal>skylight>Butyl>Unit's frame)with a small drill bit.We feel like this will extend the life of the skylight by taking away any unnecessary pressure from the plastic. This will help the skylight last longer.

We use a drill-driver to run the screws in. We drive it in, until the
butyl tape is about to ooze out. After it has set a while we trim the excess.

Once the skylight is secured down, it is now time to seal around the trim.

We recomend Dicor Lap Sealant, (not included).

We have had customers who have tried to seal over the vent like it was without the metal trim.
If there was any success it was very short-term. Below is a picture that shows
why this will not work long-term. The skylight cracks the full distance.

Here is a link to the 19-1/2 by 19-1/2
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Here is a link to the 14-1/2 by 22-1/2
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Click here to see the Dicor Sealant.



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